Thursday, October 29, 2009

I went on a safari


  1. So what would the reason or advantage of creating an obviously miniature and artificial safari? What is your relationship to the subject or is a lack of real experience the drive for the faux one? Lighting wise... look at possibly mimicking varying times of day. How dose one render morning light versus twilight? Remember that daylight is a combination of warm sunlight and cool skylight... reason for shadows appearing cool.

  2. I like the warmth in these images a lot. I kinda wanna see a couple of animals together interacting with each other, even if their sizes don't make total sense. Even to see a few animals out of focus in the background could be cool.

  3. I like the rhino photo the best so far, maybe its how the foliage is interacting a little more with the animal compared to others. Or maybe its the name. j/k.

    would be nice to see more landscape but I don't know how big your setup is so I don't know if thats possible.

    also I like the use of depth of field, but would personally like to see more depth in the top three. something like 66% instead of 33, because a lot of the landscape is lost to me.